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My recommendations
Anime Names Description TL;DR Gifs
Noragami This anime aired during the Winter of 2014. It has 2 seasons, with a total of 25 episodes, and another 2 episodes of OVA. This anime talks about Yato, a god that is very poor, and grants other people's wishes for 5 yen, so that he can eventually have his own shrine, like all the other gods. One day, he was "saved" by a girl name Hiyori; a human, and the story goes on from there. This anime presents lot of characters that were based off of the Japanese gods, it has lots of action, character development, and some comedies on the side. The anime itself has great sound track, the voice acting is on point, and has a very pleasing art style. Go ahead and check it out!
  • Action
  • Comedy
  • Great art style
  • Character development
  • Some characters are non-fiction
  • Great Voice Acting
  • Interestin plot line
Fate/Stay Night:Unlimited Blade Works This anime is a sequel of Fate/Zero.This anime has two seasons, with the first season of 12 episodes that was aired during the Fall of 2014, and the second season of 13 episodes that was aired during the Spring of 2015. The anime tells about 5th the Holy Grail War, and a boy named Shirou, who was a survivor of the disaster that was caused by the 4th Holy Grail War during Fate/Zero. There is not much to say about this anime, except just go and watch it because it was really good, and any other information provided could just be a spoiler. The anime presents itself with fantastic and top tier animation, great plot line, and amazing characters. You should definitly check it out, this is one of the "must watch animes".
  • Top tier animation
  • Unique art style
  • Great Characters
  • Some characters are non-fiction
  • Interesting Plot line
Hyouka Let's change the pace, and talk about a school anime. This anime aired during the Spring of 2012, with a total of 22 episodes. The anime talks about Houtarou, a self-proclaimed "energy saver" who is a first year in high school. He got a letter from her sister, that told him to join the classics club, to maintain it, so that it won't disband due to low number of members. He later meets Chitanda, who is a very inquisitive and curious person, and often drags Houtarou to helping her solve mysteries and feed her ego of curiosity through out the anime. The interesting things about this anime is that it can create lots of mysteries off of simple very simple things. The anime has great art style, good voice acting. If you like dialogues and mystery, you should totally check this out.
  • A very vivid art style
  • Mostly dialogues between the characters
  • A mystery anime
  • The characters are kind of interesting
  • The mysteries are really well thought out
  • The mysteries are presented and resolved very well
Psycho Pass This anime aired during the Fall of 2012, with a first season of 22 episodes, and a second season that aired during the Fall of 2014 with 11 episodes. The anime covers a unique topic; the police. This anime takes place in the future where it is possible to predict what one's state of mind and personality would be. This anime is a really thrilling anime, with lots of character development. This anime is very graphic as well, so if you can't stand that, I don't recommand you watching this. This anime has a very mature art style, which might not be too pleasing to some of you, but it makes it up with its great characters and plot.
  • A really good plot
  • Really great characters
  • A very unique topic
  • A very mature art style
  • The Anime can get very graphic
The Seven Deadly Sins This anime aired the Fall of 2014, with only one season of 24 episodes. You definitly need to check this anime out. The anime is about a group of knights called the seven deadly sins that turned their blades against the comrades and were later defeated by the holy knights of the country. Years later, it was rumored that these knights were alive. This has to be one of my favorite animes, it had great plot. Characters were really great, due to their amazing backgrond story. This anime is more on the fantasy side, with magic, demons, and all the things you can think of. Though all the characters weren't reveled and the art style could be somewhat unpleasing, the anime is still great, due to its great plot, character, story development, plot twist, and amazing sound tracks.
  • A fantasy anime
  • Great plot
  • Characters have nice background story, makes them easily lovable
  • Amazing sound tracks
  • Good story development

I will now give a ranking for all these animes given above, keep in mind that these are my personal opinions, you might rank them differently, but either way, they are all great animes, and don't take my words for it, go check them out yourselves

  1. The Seven Deadly Sins
  2. Noragami
  3. Hyouka
  4. Psycho Pass
  5. Fate/Stay Night:Unlimited Blade Works

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